Our Story

Our vision is a world where artists and artist foundations can develop different revenue streams that support their long-term growth and sustainability.

A desire to develop sustainable business models in the creative and cultural sectors drove us to start 4AP. Our unique and diverse expertise in law, branding, commercial strategy, and curatorial practices brought us four together in our common pursuit of making a positive impact for artists and artist foundations. Our story started with a desire to partner with creatives in support of their legacies.

Our Values

We work with all types of creatives from visual artists, to film makers, to designers. Creativity is at the core of everything that we do.

Not only do we believe that everything we do must advocate for better sustainable practices and promote a better planet, but we also work towards creating sustainable economic models for our partners.

Everything we do is unique and outside of the box. The world is oversaturated and we want to make sure that we provide one-of-a-kind solutions and projects.

From our first meetings to our assessments and deliverables, we strive to work with artists and artist legacies who share our vision and are open to dialogue and ongoing collaboration opportunities.