Roberta Lobeira Alanis was born June 25th of 1979 in Monterrey Nuevo Leon. She went to college at the University of Monterrey has a Bachelor's degree in Arts. After that she continued her studies in New York where she studied at the New York Academy of Art & School of Visual Arts. In Paris she studied with artist Oli Nicole, In Oaxaca she studied with artist Marco Antonio Bustamante. After that she decided to be in Mexico City for a long period of time to explore and improve her technique interacting and collaborating with different artists. Later on until this day she settled and established in San Diego CA.

Roberta is not trying to discover a new style, she simply changes it the way her mind works through her eyes. She transforms her paintings on her canvas with natural beauty full of light, color and energy. It reminds us the magic realism, taking our breathe with the vivid colors and beauty.Her peace of work is a tribute to this magic life, to the ideal world of natural beauty and fantastic elements bringing them to real life by using bright and vivid colors which will bold the differences between them. Her goal is to show in her work freedom, magic, dreams and subcontinent phenomenons by creating adventurous atmospheres of wild dreams breaking the fine line between the real and the unreal substituting one for the other.

Real will become wonderful, fantastic and ideal. The crash between a dream and reality, an absolute realness full of symbolism were it will become marvelous, full of light and life where the spectator will want to be part of these forms and colors. Using elements of real time combined with the past and the future and bringing it to the contemporary. Now the old will become modern and at the same time it will transmit authenticity, braveness and vanguard. She creates a wonderful wolrd where color and nature steal the spotlight.


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