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The Patterns of Motherhood

Objects that nurture and provide cozy family moments

Juliana Bernal's artwork encapsulates the profound essence of motherhood, embracing the sentiments of shelter, family moments, union, and coziness. Inspired by the art of origami, she creates nurturing objects that provide warmth and create intimate family moments. Each fold and crease symbolizes the hug of motherhood, evoking a sense of comfort and love. Juliana's artwork evolves alongside her children, mirroring their growth and capturing the essence of their journey. With each piece, she invites viewers to experience the harmonious blend of nurturing objects, reminiscent of the delicate bond between a mother and her children. The artwork becomes a visual representation of the rich Colombian coffee culture, intertwining the flavors of tradition and artistry.


From an early age, Juliana had the privilege of growing up in the presence of her mother, who owned a bespoke textiles atelier. Immersed in this creative environment, she absorbed valuable knowledge about patterns, materials, and craftsmanship. These formative experiences became the foundation of her artistic journey, allowing her to incorporate the skills and insights gained from her relationship with her mother into her current works of art.


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