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Juliana Bernal Jaramillo, visual artist. She began her Industrial Design studies at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota (Colombia) and finished at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Madrid (Spain). From an early age she felt the need to express herself creatively, Juliana found different materials like metal acrylic and paperboard with these materials she starts 3D experiments.

Juliana was introduced to the adventure of paper art as a consequence of her early process in her childhood workshop but also as a result of her own experience with her son. She practiced different techniques and materials with him who helped him with his concentration because of his high IQ made him extremely anxious. What began as family therapy became Juliana’s vehicle for artistic expression. She immersed herself in the geometric possibilities of paper and found her own language there.

“My artwork is clearly marked by languages ​​that at first seem different but which are saying the same thing and are speaking to each other. The handling of paper and the different techniques that I use tell who I am: in principle a structured woman accustomed to daily routines but who has achieved movement, fluidity and evolution”.

In Happy boxes, the artist allows breaking out of the mold as a result of maturity in her artistic process and in her personal life. Juliana dares to explore alternative materials to paper and freely experiments with acrylics of strong and vibrant colors which when contrasted, generally new shades and levels of brightness. With the introduction of light, his work is transformed and generates new emotions that produce greater intensity in the audience.

Juliana Bernal’s artistic proposal has toured important stages of the national and world circuits, and has obtained valuable awards. She has exhibited individually and collectively in galleries, fairs and auctions in Bogotá, Miami, New York, London and Tokyo, and has been worthy of distinctions such as the Artrooms Awards, in London (2019), and the mention “New this week collection”, from the prestigious Saatchi Gallery (2019).

Juliana Bernal’s art seeks a search for knowledge based on the foundations of geometry, fold and color. Her work shows that beauty can be recreated and understood from the minimalism of lines and planes. Its main goal is to understand and demonstrate that the properties of paper, colors and their transformation exceed our knowledge of them and that it is possible to communicate our personal experiences and expressively transform them leaving them implicit in each work.


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